Trione Winery Wedding in Sonoma County|Lindsey & Jimmy

This wedding was a true beaut. For so many reasons. Lindsey and Jimmy have the kindest, most joy filled souls. Their day was full of so much emotion. Tears of joy, but also tears of longing. A month before their big day, Jimmy’s mother passed unexpectedly. No words can express the pain and sadness that these two must’ve experienced, but when Lindsey shared the news with me, she said, “They were [still] excited for their wedding day because they knew Jimmy’s mom would be happy for them.” And on their wedding day, I could tell they 100% meant that. They were so excited, so ready to be married, to start a life together. I could see it all over their faces throughout the day. But they also allowed space to mourn, to miss Nancy’s presence, and it was so beyond beautiful to see the ways they recognized her. Whether it be through flowers on a seat, little pieces of fabric shaped hearts stitched from the dress she planned to wear to their wedding, a few words written in a letter, or a prayer shared at dinner. It was truly an honor being apart of this day, to capture Lindsey and Jimmy’s deep love for each other, their family, and friends. And how everyone leaned in to celebrate these lovebirds along with celebrating the life of an amazing woman. I hope these images share the story in more depth because man, it was a gosh darn good day and a story worth telling.

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