Grand Central Market and Walt Disney Concert Hall Engagement – Molly & Jason

It was SO hard for me to choose what pictures to share on this blog because Molly and Jason take TOO MANY great pictures! These cuties were like “we don’t want any cheesy photos…we just want photos of us be us…being real and silly”. Well gee, they look way too good just being real and silly.  And on top of that, I owe them for welcoming me into the delicious foody world that is Grand Central Market. These kids knew everything about every restaurant in the market, and my mouth stills waters as I think of all they showed me–their favorite tacos, sandwiches, thai food, beer, yum, yum, yum.  Molly and Jason, you two are rad, and I cannot WAIT to capture you lovebirds on your wedding day.

And shout out to  Walt Disney Concert Hall for being a beautiful piece of architecture to explore.

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