Stephanie & Will – Marysville Wedding

This blog has taken me longer than usual to complete. And for GOOD reason. The wedding of Stephanie and Will was something special. REAL special. Not only because these two are ridiculously cool soon-to-be Doctors and Officers in the Navy, but because Stephanie was one of my dearest friends in High School. This wedding was a beautiful celebration for all, and an awesome reunion for me (I snuck myself in a few pictures below to prove it).

Steph and I grew up playing soccer together. We had this really cool balance of competitiveness on the field,  but also a genuine friendship full of humor, deep talks, and saweeeet dance parties.

BUT this blog really isn’t about me and Steph– it’s about Will and Steph. For those of you who know Will and Steph, they are hilarious and so much GOOD FUN (I put that in CAPS because I really really mean that). But these guys also have such a strong, genuine steadiness to themselves. Both are in medical school getting ready to start their residency and I would trust both of them with my LIFE. Their focus and intentionality to others is so apparent– even during the chaos of their wedding day! I loved watching them interact with all their family and friends. They just listened and laughed and enjoyed being present.

So NOW you all know why this blog post is longer than usual– and well worth perusing. CHEERS to WILL + STEPH !!

Much much love and HAPPY MARRIAGE.

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